ice cream and netflix are my weaknesses.

i believe since living stateside i have developed this ice cream addiction. i blame america for this addiction {but secretly LOVE IT}.

i’m partial to a bit of fashion and beauty {though i certainly don’t call myself a mogul} and used to primarily blog about that. check out my old blog here.

life hasn’t exactly turned out how i planned. so i’m making it up as i go along {aren’t we all}. and right now this instability is both frightening and thrilling all at once.


some of my favorite things: cuddling, ice cream, rome italy, drive-in movies, girlfriends, shakes of the snickers kind, kissing, a leisurely bike ride, lipstick, cities, the great british countryside, hot springs, dinner parties, doing nothing for hours on end and not feeling one bit guilty about it, new york, london, curry, hot tubs, laughing and laughing till my sides hurt, zara {check it out here}, blogging, MAC make-up, road trips, leggings, travelling, bestest guy friends.

a few goals for this blog:
– to remind you we are all in the same boat, ya know trying to figure out what the deal is with life
– hopefully to make you laugh every once in a while
– {with just enough cheese} to help you believe that anything, absolutely ANYTHING is possible
let’s remember: it’s ok to be awkward

enjoy, comment, share and if the only thing i have done for you today is helped you  smile then i’m a happy camper!

oh and i’m a shopaholic. with everything.



6 thoughts on “about

    1. Thanks for following my blog too! I look forward to reading up on all your adventures – travelling is awesome!

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