day 12 | summer favourites

2015, Blogging, July

i flipped things around a little and instead of posting pictures today (as today is my actual birthday!) i did it for yesterday instead as that is when i really celebrated it!

and instead of an interview i’m going to review some summer favourites!

last year i posted this list of 101 things to do in the summer in britain

summer is my favourite because:
1. it’s my birthday
3. holidays
4. happier people
5. BBQ’s

this year i’m also sharing favourites from some of my readers!

BBQs, late night walks when it is still warm and trips to the beach!
kerry, reading uk

festivals and picnics at hyde park or greenwich in london
jessie, london uk

beach bbq’s, rambo camping and renting pedalos.
mike from teesside. whey <— teeside is in yorkshire (north england) and whey is a northern word so i’m keeping it in there. look it up!

drive-in movies and pool parties!
stacie, usa

Spending time in my garden.
bev, reading uk

baseball games and 4th july. 
jessica, usa

Picnics & BBQs. I don’t know why but there is just something I love about eating outside in the summer!
christina, reading uk

what are yours?

don’t forget to check out my list of 101 things to do in the summer in britain

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