day 4 | 15 things that cheer me up when i’m down

2015, Inspiration, July

just last week i was feeling incredibly angry. for 4 whole days. and i had no idea why.

then a couple of days ago, that thing that comes every month to say “hey you’re not pregnant” reminded me. but goodness gracious it’s been a while since my hormones came and slapped me in the face like that. so much so i wanted to high five (in the face, with a chair) everyone else just so they could get a glimpse into what i was feeling.

it was weird.

there are a few things i do when i’m feeling like that though…

1. listen to music : of the ‘cheer up my soul’ kind and ‘wonder’ by emeli sande is my go to song

2. buy fresh flowers for yourself : i try to buy myself a bouquet of flowers every week. it was the line from my favourite quote/poem “Comes the Dawn” that i decided it needed to be done:
“…After a while you learn.
That even sunshine burns if you get too much.
So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers…”


3. talk to a friend : i do this when i’m particularly feeling down. i consider myself lucky to have friends who will moan with me, or just listen. and i do this by phone or in person. it’s the best way.

4. work on a hobby : mine right now is photography. i’ve been thinking about it for years but only recently purchased my first dslr camera (my previous one was a bridge camera). with a 50mm lense too and my oh my. it is thrilling learning what my canon 100d (ok it’s a starter camera) with the 50mm lens.

5. food. GLORIOUS FOOD : i treat myself to something i don’t have on a regualr basis (which is a lie because the way the last 6 months have been i’ve ‘treated’ myself regularly). recently it was a delicious strawberry/snickers/flake milkshake from shakeaway #getinmybelly


6. go out and explore : if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know i like to travel. but this year i wanted to explore more. whether it’s neighbourhood, a rustic city or a tropical island the idea is to GET OUT and explore.

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7. reading : this is a form of escapism for me. i find that getting lost in a book helps distract me from the stresses or sadness i’m feeling. and i often feel better afterwards.

8. prayer and meditation : i am christian so i try to turn to prayer a lot to express my deepest thoughts and questions. mediation. that stillness is divine. i’m still learning to do this but the need for it is very human. check out what arianna huffington had to say about the importance of meditation here.

9. exercise : i hate it and love it at the same time. whether it’s a brisk walk, yoga or a hard core work out i always feel better. every. damn. time.

10.  give a hug. a really good one : i’m talking about the linger longer kinda hug. .

11.  laugh and laugh some more : laughter is good for the soul. i strongly believe that. and i believe it acts as an incredible healing balm.

Laughter is an instant vacation.
Milton Berle

12. stay away from the internet : these days there is so much noise online that it’s hard to stay focused. or to not compare our ‘behind the scenes’ with someone else’s ‘highlight reel’. the internet has allowed for many things to be easier, like staying in touch, expressing thoughts and feelings and sharing. lots and lots of sharing. but gah. there are moments when turning it all off is the best thing i can do for myself.

no internet

13.  writing in my journal : i used to be very good at this and wrote something down everyday. but for now, when i do write, as with number 3 where talking to a friend helps a great deal, writing what i’m feeling helps to ease the burden. i always come away feeling lighter.

14. candles : there’s something about the aroma of candles that lifts my spirits.

15. tidy up : i live in a shared house and when my room is a mess my thoughts tend to be too. spending 15 – 30 mins to tidy ‘clears’ my mind.

and there you have. 15 things that cheer me up when i’m down. every time.

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