day 3 | my top five travel tips

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travel tips

1. meet local people

the one thing i have learnt with my travel experiencing (granted this isn’t of the backpacking kind) is to meet the locals. booking via a couch-surfing type site like or you’ll certainly be able to. basic english is spoken in most countries so you can find a way to begin the dialogue. you can learn the best places to go (that won’t rip you off) and where to avoid.

2. wake up early

i believe in this whether you are going on a city break or beach holiday. even though i am not a morning person, getting up early can allow you to get in early on some tourist attractions and enjoy a sun lounger in a little peace. it can be a magical time for photos too!

3. take lots of photos

who cares if you look like a tourist? you are one! some places you might only get to visit once in your life time (gosh the thought of that just made me very sad). photos are priceless; easily shareable, do not cost you a penny and with the digital world these days, can last a life time.

4. eat local food

just as important as meeting the locals is eating like a local. to be honest, in my experience this is where i have found the best (and often cheaper) food. dig in, and taste a bit of everything.

5. break out of your comfort zone / slow down

i put these two together because i feel they connect. do not be afraid of trying something different. slow down to embrace and enjoy every. single. damn. moment. soak it up. drink it up. and don’t plan too much. it almost ruins the adventure.

wonderlust. it’s a beautiful thing.

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