day 2 | five favourite youtubers

2015, Blogging, Culture, Inspiration, July

shirley b eniang

shirley is probably my favourite and my go to for make-up and hair tips. she’s got a clean and fresh look. she also inspired my white-on-white obsession (when it comes room décor). she’s got such a great energy and can i add that she’s also gorgeous? #girlcrush right there.

patricia bright

patricia is right up there with shirley. i just love her positive attitude to life! her and her husband are an adorable couple too #relationshipgoals

sonna rele

her voice tho. i stumbled on sonna last year and have been keeping up with her music monday posts. i love watching her journey and look forward to seeing what the future hold for her.

soul pancake

i’ve talked about soul pancake a couple of times. one of the best things on the internet. sight alongside humans of new york, soul pancake brings a sense of peace, love and all things good back to humanity.  i’m not a cat person…but kittens. oh my lanta.

how it should have ended

because we all need to have alternative endings to movies. literally.

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