day 1 | welcome and 10 things you didn’t know about me

2015, Blogging, July

hello! if you’ve recently started following my blog – welcome! and for those of you who have been following for some time – thank you! and i hope you all enjoy these next 31 days!

a little background, i’ve been blogging on this is my m dot for about 2 1/2 years now and it has been a fantastic and difficult journey at the same time. i initially started because i lived in the u s of a and blogging was a great way to keep friends and family up-to-date with what was going on with my international adventures. since moving back to good old blighty in 2014 it gave me an opportunity to evolve a bit more, turning this into a lifestyle blog.

and every july, at least for the last two, i dedicated it to blogging everyday. so here goes and i hope you enjoy the journey…


10 random things you didn’t know about me

  1. i have the biggest girl crush on cece from new girl.
  2. i’m 5″3 and taller than my mum
  3. i can do pretty good yorkshire and african-american accents … passed off as african-american at a house party once! (when i lived state-side)
  4. i’m actually incredible introverted but fight that everyday
  5. i really can’t stand green olives –> because you really wanted to know that
  6. i have a slight dairy intolerance (mostly milk) but I’m obsessed with shakes and ice cream
  7. i really really really want a french bulldog
  8. in secondary school i was labelled the one most likely to have my own tv talk show
  9. i’m afraid of heights and it’s getting worse the older i get
  10. i spilled a lot hot oil on my feet last year while frying some plantains. my genius aunties rubbed in egg yolk, salt and raw shea butter. the pain dulled within 2 hours and left absolutely no scarring. my 2014 miracle.

day one – check!

if you’d like to join in on the blogging everyday this month, check out the details here and don’t forget to mention my blog!

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