blog everyday in july | the details

2015, Blogging, June

blog everyday in july is just around the corner and as i did last year i would like to invite other bloggers to join me!

starting on the 1st of july i’ll be posting once a day on a topic as listed below.

to join in feel free to use the guided list of topics for each day, all i ask is that you refer back to this blog 🙂

also for the whole month i will be using the hash tag #bedij15 —> use this too so we can all see what has been shared! whether that’s on your blog, twitter, instagram or facebook.


1st: Introduce yourself: welcome and 10 things you didn’t know about me

2nd: Five of your favourite YouTubers + what you love about them.

3rd: Your top 5 ‘anything’ tips

4th: A list of ten things that always cheers you up when you’re down

5th: Nostalgia: write about a bygone era

6th: The Soap Box post

7th: Favourite things on the internet from the past year.

8th: WCW (woman crush wednesday)

9th: An epiphany you had this year

10th: My make-up must haves

11th: Interview: reader / industry experts / other bloggers

12th: Today in pictures

13th: A diary exert

14th: My favorite blogging tools are …

15th: Music that moves me

16th: Write a letter to yourself 20 years from now

17th: Your top 3 worst traits

18th: If you could drop everything and get on a plane for a two week holiday right now, where would you go and why?

19th: Five People: I’d like to have dinner with

20th: What advice would you give to someone about to graduate from university?

21st: Currently (reading, writing, listening, thinking, smelling, wishing, hoping, wearing, wanting, loving, needing)

22nd: Guest post

23rd: Throwback Thursday

24th: Things that make you uncomfortable

25th: Upcycle project! Upcycle something and show us pictures and the steps to how you did it

26th: Who were your celebrity crushes from your childhood?

27th: What are you struggling with right now?

28th: I never thought blogging would…

29th: Lesson from the past year

30th: xx things to do before you’re xx

31st: you did it! and a thank you 🙂

there you have it. are you excited? i am #bedij15
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