it’s that time of year again #bedij15

2015, Blogging, June

it’s nearly july!! where has 2015 gone?

and that means it’s almost my birthday month. i’m not going to lie folks, i’m a little weirded out. it’s my 30th.

that’s right, the big THREE-O.

i’m weirded out because thirty sounds so. mature.

and i feel so far from it.

i mean i now have to tick a different box.


for the last 2 years i have enjoyed blogging every single day for the month of july. it’s a fun experience and definitely refreshing to post frequently. blogging is one of creative outlets that i keep saying i need to do more often…so this is my annual opportunity to!


if you’re new to blogging, a veteran or somewhere in between i’d like to invite you to join me on #bedij15

this is a great way to get back on the blogosphere if you have fallen off the wagon a little (like me!). last year i got the pleasure of blogging alongside my birthday twin, hippiechickj. it was hella fun.

here are some quick tips on how to keep it up for the entire month:

blog everyday quick tips

come back tomorrow as i take you through the 31 posts for july.


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