3 courses, 3 days, 3 countries | part I

2015, Culture, May, Travel

if you’ve been following my blog for a while you’ll know that one of the items i had on my 30 things before 30 list was to have 3 meals in 3 countries over 3 days.

it happened people. it actually happened.

i kept pinching myself…all the while thinking “is this real life..or just fantasy?”

ha. but yes. yes it was real life.

words can’t really express how i feel when i have the freedom to explore. explore cities that are beautiful to me. and to do that with food that is divine, decadent, delicious.

i was some kind of delirious.

{and apparently i get some kind of poetic when it comes to describing my travel and food experiences}.


london you sweet, sweet thing. we didn’t spend a lot of time here. {but that’s ok because i have plenty more london exploration trips planned this year}.


we stayed near london victoria coach station and my friend caroline, who knew the area pretty well, chose this cute cafe just a 3 mins walk from the coach station entrance on elizabeth street.



thumbs up from me baker & spice.

we decided to take the megabus. lawd. cheap travel…but goodness gracious i was reminded why i don’t like the general public.  hey ho, we survived.


we arrived early friday evening and headed straight to our accommodation. airbnb of course.

i fell in love with paris after my first trip there last summer. and it didn’t disappoint, even in the rain.


saturday morning we went on the wego walking tour. i can’t give the tour enough cred. it’s run by french couple paul and paulina. paul is the guide while paulina takes the pictures. firstly they’re a cute couple, second….paul is a fantastic tour guide. he is energetic but mostly incredibly passionate about paris. they both are. just go to trip advisor and look up their tour. you’ll see what i mean.


actually i’m going to just give you the link. here. go check it out. i can absolutely promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


^caroline enjoying a yummy crepe^^


^this was right by the bridge where princess Di died. rather surreal^^


the tour was 3.5 hours long, which flew by. and after a few eiffel tower photos we headed to le cafe du marche for lunch. le cafe du marche is a cute cafe right around the corner from the eiffel tower.




we then headed over to another cafe for hot drinks and some kind of dessert. because. paris.


la terrasse is in the same area as le cafe du marche and perhaps is my new favourite. great views, wonderful service and for me a great location. also their creme brulee is amazing.


we weren’t leaving paris till sunday morning so it was a great opportunity to explore this beautiful city a little more. we wanted to get some touristy goodies to take back to the uk so we headed over to the sacre coeur in the montmartre area, north paris.



in the evening we headed back to la terrasse for food.

la terrasse also has the best non-alcoholic cocktails. period.


you know what i love about the parisian restaurant service? they don’t rush you. we spent at least 3 hours here. a glorious, indulgent 3 hours.


paris , vous avez un petit morceau de mon coeur.

watch this space for part II.

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