2015, Inspiration, Januray

this past month has chewed me up and spat me out.


and yet i’m still here.

what’s that quote? “when life gives you lemons…stick them down your bra and make your boobs look bigger”.

yeah that one. i love it.

and this one too “when life gives you lemons squeeze them in people’s eyes” >>> this one just made me laugh out loud, even if it is a little mean.

as i get ready for another gruelling week…this video.

it is giving me life right now.

and that’s all i can ask for.

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christmas for another week + thirty before 30

2015, Inspiration, Januray

remember when i said i wanted to read all 7 potter books before my 30th birthday this summer? well my christmas present from my dad arrived today.

and. i’m. so. happy.

like really.



best dad ever? yes.

that is literally all i wanted to share today #happysunday