twelve days of christmas | day 2: gifts for him

2014, December

ok now I can say I am fully caught up. kind of….

whether it be your significant other, brother, father, uncle or grandpa, i sometimes find men hard to shop for! (especially when i want to steer clear of the typical socks / tie / shirt combos).

here are some gift ideas for the man (or men) in your life:

chocolate tools (how cool is this?!!! or maybe it’s just me)


the boyfriend and i sampled some from shokolat this past weekend and they are yummy!

experience days


whether it’s a tour at his favourite football stadium, ice climbing or driving that slick sports car he’s dreaming of buying in his 50s, check out, redletterdays and virgin experiences for some great deals!

while i don’t like it i have to admit that both my brother and my boyfriend like to unwind by playing on the game console of some sort on an evening. this year i bought my brother football manager 2015 (don’t worry it’s what he asked for – though i still don’t understand the love for it – and i never will!). my boyfriend will also be getting something gaming related **sigh**


whether it’s a game, controller or another gaming accessory your local gaming or electronic store will be fully stocked!

because let’s face it, a man spritzed with aftershave is 10 times more attractive. {disclaimer: spritzed is not a real word, but just roll with me}.


onesies for him

just because.

Onesies for him

check out a gift guide for him (way more sophisticated than mine) from one of my favourite bloggers lovetaza.


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