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november went past all speedy gonzalez-like and everyday single day i thought i need to get a post up on the blog. 

alas. A LOT has happened in november, and biggest of all was moving out of my parents house. i have so much stuff btw. but i don’t want to bore you with the details (because i know you were all just dying to know).


i’m a bit late on the thanksgiving celebrations, not that i really celebrated it here in england, nor do we have to wait till november to be thankful. but after having enjoyed two wonderful thanksgivings stateside i couldn’t leave it too long without showing some thanksgiving love.

i’m thankful for many things, but mostly for love, forgiveness (of others and of oneself). i’m thankful for hope, for sunrises and sunsets. i’m grateful for family, friends, food and of course ice cream.

i’m really grateful for crispy leaves.

i’m thankful that i live in a world where the world wide web makes our world a little smaller. and therefore a little easier for my little feet to get out and see the beauty that it is.

books. i’m thankful for books. and netflix. and coffee shops. and hot chocolate.

i’m grateful for hugs from the bf. he is a gentle soul and i’m grateful for that too.

this is my favourite thanksgiving video of all time.

here’s to the season of chocolates, golds and sunset yellows. as well as that white stuff we call snow.

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