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23 days.


who am i?

i keep thinking that i’ll just wait till life slows down then i’ll get into a proper routine.

what i really need to do is to make time for a proper routine.

i’ll get there. but THANK YOU for bearing with me.

remember last month when i told you i was going to quit fizzy drinks? well i’m still going strong. and it’s brilliant. i now crave water. and i never thought i would actually say that. or that i could. let’s keep going shall we?

talking of which….


  1. walk a lot more
  2. no fizzy drinks!
  3. drink lots of water
  4. use coconut oil … currently for cooking, for conditioning my hair and for my skin! (and i’ve now converted the bf who uses it all the time). i know you’re thinking it’s a little weird right?! using the same product for your body both internally and externally. but it’s fabulous. i promise.
  5. smoothies for days! and soups. and homemade ice cream…

my mum and i recently invested in a vitamix blender. well actually it’s called the vitamix total nutrition center.

life changing.



THE BEST BLENDER IN THE MARKET. well i can’t really make that claim because i haven’t tried them all. however, for someone who loves to blend but loves to have smooth smoothies, this was the best thing we could have invested in.

and yes you can make soup and homemade ice cream too. and your own peanut butter, and houmous. and lots more. if you follow me on instagram check out the two  videos i posted of the vitamix at work @thisismymdot

if you’re interested in watching some videos i highly recommend this one. and this one too.

so hey. tis the season for sequins! don’t you think?


i found this ^^ sequin skirt at h&m in leeds a few weekends ago.

sequins and glitter. that’s all a girly girl like myself needs.


i saw this ^^ on pinterest a couple of weeks ago and i laughed real hard. then i thought, but really though?

IMG_4525and this ^^ quote. so so true.

exhibit a. my bf and i. we broke up 5 years ago. 5 years ago. and it wasn’t terrible either. we just weren’t ready to settle down. and now. now things have just, well, worked.

timing. is. everything. 

if you’ve made it to the end of this post and endured my ramblings i salute you.

happy weekend you wonderful people.

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