loss and gain

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i started writing this post with a whole bunch of philosophical thinking. or at least what i thought was philosophical. let’s face it, it probably wasn’t.

but let me just put it simply.

i’m in a very transitional stage of life right now. a lot of things are moving and changing and some of it is making me uncomfortable.

and i don’t know what to do with it.

let me explain a little.

i’m in the process of moving out of my parents house. figuring out a future with the ex now current bf (all good things here). interviewing for jobs. in a temporary job that is ever-changing. and other things.

i think back to the last few years. of what i have lost.

and what i have gained.

i have “lost” money when i started an online shoe business (which didn’t do so well). but i gained experience, business relationships, knowledge about building customer relationships that i wouldn’t have otherwise learned.

i “lost” money again when i decided to move to the states and study business entrepreneurship (which was a result of “losing” the business^^). i gained….i don’t even know where to begin. i gained friends. friends who are family, friends who will stay friends for many more years to come. experiences that will stay with me for the rest of my life. i learned how to love and how to forgive in ways that i wasn’t prepared for.

loss and gain go hand in hand. and upon recognising what i have gained over what i have lost it makes this thing, this transitional thing seem all the more worth it.

i also watched this video from my all time favourite youtubers soul pancake and cried a little. oh dear.

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life lately | and other ramblings

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23 days.


who am i?

i keep thinking that i’ll just wait till life slows down then i’ll get into a proper routine.

what i really need to do is to make time for a proper routine.

i’ll get there. but THANK YOU for bearing with me.

remember last month when i told you i was going to quit fizzy drinks? well i’m still going strong. and it’s brilliant. i now crave water. and i never thought i would actually say that. or that i could. let’s keep going shall we?

talking of which….


  1. walk a lot more
  2. no fizzy drinks!
  3. drink lots of water
  4. use coconut oil … currently for cooking, for conditioning my hair and for my skin! (and i’ve now converted the bf who uses it all the time). i know you’re thinking it’s a little weird right?! using the same product for your body both internally and externally. but it’s fabulous. i promise.
  5. smoothies for days! and soups. and homemade ice cream…

my mum and i recently invested in a vitamix blender. well actually it’s called the vitamix total nutrition center.

life changing.



THE BEST BLENDER IN THE MARKET. well i can’t really make that claim because i haven’t tried them all. however, for someone who loves to blend but loves to have smooth smoothies, this was the best thing we could have invested in.

and yes you can make soup and homemade ice cream too. and your own peanut butter, and houmous. and lots more. if you follow me on instagram check out the two  videos i posted of the vitamix at work @thisismymdot

if you’re interested in watching some videos i highly recommend this one. and this one too.

so hey. tis the season for sequins! don’t you think?


i found this ^^ sequin skirt at h&m in leeds a few weekends ago.

sequins and glitter. that’s all a girly girl like myself needs.


i saw this ^^ on pinterest a couple of weeks ago and i laughed real hard. then i thought, but really though?

IMG_4525and this ^^ quote. so so true.

exhibit a. my bf and i. we broke up 5 years ago. 5 years ago. and it wasn’t terrible either. we just weren’t ready to settle down. and now. now things have just, well, worked.

timing. is. everything. 

if you’ve made it to the end of this post and endured my ramblings i salute you.

happy weekend you wonderful people.

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life lately.

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that’s how i feel since it’s been 13 days since my last post.


anyway, these lovelies make me want to have braids again #hairenvy

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these ladies remind me why i started my natural hair journey…

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which i haven’t really talked about much on this blog of mine. but these are my inspirations. and i’m over a year free of hair chemicals. yay me.

and thank you pinterest.

this past weekend one of my very good friends visited from the states. well he’s actually brazilian but he lives in utah, where we met. it was his first time in the uk so of course, london was a must. on his first morning here i decided what better way to be introduced to british life than a big full english breakfast. after a bit of browsing i stumbled on a cute cafe (thanks tripadvisor). mimo’s cafe is a fabulous italian cafe bar just outside of paddington station. you can’t beat £4.50 for a good breakfast. especially in london. mimo’s gets a huge thumbs up from me!



oh did i tell you that this happened?


never in a million years did i think i would see my name on a coke bottle. i celebrated by not drinking it and posting a picture of it on instagram instead. besides, i’m not drinking anything fizzy anymore remember?

while i spent the majority of the weekend in london this past weekend my mum and niece had a fashion show without me. i loved the photos!


with my fedora and floppy hat they definitely wore it better.

talking of my niece….we caught her watching cartoons on her dad’s phone rather than napping….which is what she was supposed to be doing.


and this is my favourite quote on pinterest from this week…


i hope you’ve had a lovely start to october. here’s to autumn days, halloween, nights in, lots of hot chocolate, duvet covers on rainy/windy nights and 5th november. i do love autumn in the uk.

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