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i had my last day at my “**new” job on friday and i had all the good intentions of getting up early to go talk to some job agencies today but netflix got the best of me.

and at 2.30 in the afternoon i’ve only just got out of bed and had a shower. my mum now thinks i’m depressed.

i’m not. i just wanted to indulge in a little laziness for a morning/afternoon.

i also had popcorn for breakfast.

great start to the week i think! {it was bank holiday monday yesterday}.

**new as in i started last month but for reasons i won’t be publishing on the world wide web, it wasn’t working out so i left. it wasn’t easy but i needed to do what was right for me 🙂

where am i going with all of this?

now you all know i love to do guest posts. it’s a great way to get a little bit of that un-ravelleing of the soul business from a different voice. and why not? today i’m sharing thoughts from fellow blogger michelle margques as she delves a little into the not-waiting-if-not-now-when? discussion. and i love it.

check out the original post and michelle’s blog here:

A piece of advice for others.

Don’t wait. If not now, when?

So I definitely am a part of a generation that gets called lazy on a daily basis. Its so common now to have the mindset of not to bother trying anything because it won’t work out. But you will never know if somethings meant to be or not until its done. “Everything happens for a reason” and its true. The experience is always a learning curve and there will always be something else waiting for you around the corner.

So stop waiting for the perfect time to do things. Because the “perfect” time doesn’t exist and the time will pass you by anyway. Don’t give up on things. If you thought about something more than once, then you want it and you should pursue it. That job, that person, travelling, moving, buying that shoe. Just do it. (As Nike said). Its a shame that we live in a time where words go left unsaid and dreams aren’t pursued because people are afraid to fail, or to be judged. But “Your desire for success should be bigger than your fear of failure”, and the only thing holding you back is you. The only reason you can’t do something is the reason you’re telling yourself why you can’t. You should go for everything in life. (No one is getting any younger). So keep going. Keep trying. Because if you don’t do all the things you want to do now, chances are you won’t ever do them. Life is short. If you keep finding excuses to hold things off, then you will always find excuses.

But things don’t always work out?

Of course. Thats life. Sometimes the dream is different to the reality, and its probable you wont see that until its hit you in the face. So the last thing you want is to dream, work hard to achieve, plan or spend hours pursuing something, that wont work out, but as my favourite apple man once hinted, “Its the dreamers that inspire genius”. So whilst playing it safe might avoid disappointment, it won’t achieve much else. 

I think when you fail at something, you’re always 50%, but when the opportunity knocks on your door again you will know how to deal with it 100%. WHY? because you ‘learned a hard lesson’ and failed the first time. Whether its a relationship, job, travel, driving test (I know all about that last one). Sometimes things need to fall apart in order for you to realise if they’re what you really want.

Life is a series of stepping stones. Its all about trying and failing before succeeding. Don’t let life pass you by because ‘you will only regret the things you didn’t do’. You don’t have to drop everything and rush off in search of ‘finding dreams’ or drop your ‘five year plan’. But then again why not? You might find something better.  As Jim Carrey said “Its possible to fail at something you don’t want, so why not try and succeed at something you do want?”

have a wonderful tuesday people. and let’s get on with this do-it-now business shall we?



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