life lately | an apology

2014, August, Blogging


dearest reader:

i owe you an apology.

i left without explanation. and with a guest post right in the middle of this hiatus. who am i? 

an apology is well over due. i didn’t tell you how long i was going to be away for, i just left. as a blogger i feel great responsibility of giving you not just great content, but content you want to read and share. i also feel that i owe you some kind of explanation when i decide to take a blogging break.

so here is my feeble attempt.

like i did last year at the end of my blog-every-day-in-july-challenge, i took a blogging break. and i needed it. as a blogger who usually posts 1 – 2 times a week, posting everyday for a month can be mentally draining. mostly because i try to be creative and very honest with posts.

and why is it that when i want to write something profound my brain goes “nice try” and does this kind of shutting down thing?

openness and honesty. that goes a long way right? so if i’m going to be away for some time surely it is my duty to tell you how long for {or to at least give you an idea}, and i need to stick to what i say i will do.

so i want to pinky-promise you a few things. because i take pinky promises incredibly seriously. i’m wrapping my little finger around yours right now, and i’m saying:

  • because you clicked ‘like’, ‘follow’ or typed your email address in to receive epicness you deserve more than what i have offered you
  • i promise consistency. regular consistency. does that even make sense?
  • i promise to be more honest. in the ‘if i tell you i’m going to do feature friday posts everyday, i will do feature friday posts every friday’ kinda way.
  • no more mediocre-ness. who wants that?
  • better communication.

this is what i’m starting with. is that ok with you? does it even make sense?

i’m learning as a blogger. and i think about it every-single-day. but of course, you don’t know that.

we’re in this together right? well i’m assuming that when you signed up you take me as i am, for better and for worse {deep much?}. but seriously, thank you for joining in 🙂

i’m almost done with the blogging break. we’re gonna get some fun, some consistency, something uplifting, and some structure going on this little space of mine.

i owe you that.



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