day 29: on being 29

2014, Blogging, Inspiration, July

i turned 29 this month and it is a slightly weird feeling to know i will be 30 in less than a year.

it’s also made me realise  i am still very young. i still have great experiences ahead of me as well as tough trials.

here are a few things i have learnt {and still continue to learn}:

  1. ten o’clock at night has become a respectable bedtime
  2. i wear what’s comfortable
  3. conversations with friends involve careers, relationships {over dating}, weddings, babies, mortgages…
  4. the thought of going to a bar with loud music just hurts my ears
  5. i’ve learnt not to take myself so seriously
  6. i’ve also learnt not to take things too personally
  7. bragging about how much sleep i got is a good thing
  8. going out in sweats and no make-up is no longer a social faux-pas. i. just. don’t. care.
  9. the thought of doing nothing for the weekend is glorious
  10. i have zero regrets on the money i have spent travelling



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