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it’s nearly 1am and my eyes are basically closed {apologising in advance for grammatical/spelling errors}…AND this post is a day late…but i am so excited to get this post up, i wanted to do it before my head hit my pillow.

if you’ve been reading this blog for some time you’ll know that i adore travelling and i’m getting into photography. i also blog but alas you knew that since you are here.

i met jo back in may when we worked together temping at a sports company just outside of our home town. i’d like to think we clicked straight away! we found out we are both Christian and quite actively involved in our respective churches.

we also found out that we both love to travel {and blog & photograph}…

{all pictures belong to jo!}

1. Tell us a little about yourself
I’m Jo, I’m 25 and live and work in Reading. I graduated with a degree in Theology from Nottingham University 3 years ago and have been working in marketing ever since. At the moment I’m in and out of temporary jobs simply to raise funds for further travel – there are so many places I want to see and I feel like I’ve barely got started! Here’s a few things that sum me up pretty briefly:
  • I’m a Christian and my faith is pretty important to me.
  • I love the outdoors – especially skiing and cycling
  • My dream would be to photograph and blog my way around the world
  • I have a huge smile and love to make people laugh
  • I’m in complete denial that my ginger hair is slowly turning blond and brown…


2. What first got you into photography?
I can’t even remember.  At first I just wanted to have a camera that took decent photos. But then I really began to realise that there was something special to capturing the moment and having that memory forever. Photos help to tell a story; of a person, a place, a specific moment in time. I love to capture the moments of beauty in this world and to share them with others.
3. What made you love travelling?
I’ve always been on the generic family holidays to Spain / Canary Islands etc. But my first major trip abroad was when I was in year 12 at school. I was selected for a 4 week adventure with 14 other students and 5 teachers to head to Uganda –  we climbed Mount Elgon, re-furbished a school and tracked mountain Gorillas. This experience made me thirsty for more – and 2 years later I headed back to Africa during my Gap Year, this time to Swaziland where I volunteered at a pre-school. I still love the African continent to this day, and I’ve also been to Morocco 3 times – the first time I hitch-hiked there for charity – it’s a country I absolutely adore and I strongly suggest you visit if you haven’t. Africa gets under your skin, and I’m eager to visit again.
4. What’s been your favourite place to photograph and why?
Oh wow. Most probably Morocco as I keep going back for more! Every town is different and yet all are so coloured. One of my favourite places in Morocco is Chefchaouen – known as the ‘blue town’. All the houses and streets are painted blue – it’s makes for brilliant photographs! I’ll try and get some on flickr soon – I don’t think I’ve done a blog post yet. Watch this space!
5. What camera do you use?
Sony a230 – it’s ancient and a bit crappy but takes pretty decent photos. Hopefully upgrading soon though in time for my trip to Jordan!
6. Where is the most amazing landscape that you’ve ever photographed?
Gosh this is a tricky one. I love mountainous landscape – but not necessarily because I love photographing it. It’s just completely awe-inspiring. I adored hiking in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and the scenery was stunning to photograph. But also the Swiss Alps are pretty fantastic.
7. What place has touched you the most?
Incredibly tricky question! I think when I travelled to Swaziland during my Gap Year and worked with children at an orphanage in a place called Bulembu – those memories will stick with me forever. Bulembu was an old mining community in the mountains, so the houses look very Western, but now it’s filled with children. The whole town has basically become one big orphanage for abandoned children, it’s phenomenal. It was great to spend some time with them and play with them and get to know them. Some of the stories will stick with me forever. So this place probably touched me the most because of the stories I heard and the things I experienced – and also because of the scenery – it’s truly like no place you’ll ever go.
8. Favourite city | food | night life | locals …go
I’m kind of biased and have to admit that my favourite city – out of all that I’ve been to around Europe, and even NYC – still has to be London. There’s so much to do and see, and even though I’ve been a million times (living in Reading does have its perks), there’s still something different to explore every time. And plus, I love taking the iconic London photos. One of my favourite cities when travelling around Europe though was Krakow. I spent much longer than anticipated here. The nightlife is great – all in underground cellar like rooms – it’s incredibly cheap and it’s also beautiful. Plus, I met some great people.
9. What have you learnt about yourself on your travels?
That I can put up with myself for longer than I thought! I’m very much an extrovert person and love being around people. During my 2 months of travelling by myself I thought I’d get lonely a lot, which I did at times. Although I was very rarely alone – I met so many people – it really made me value my own company. I valued being able to do what I wanted, when I wanted. But then to seek company when I also wanted company. I was able to make big decisions – and anyone who knows me well knows how indecisive I really am – and this was a huge learning curve for me. It was fantastic. I think everyone should travel by themselves to truly discover who they are.
10. Advice you have for anyone considering going travelling?
Go alone. You won’t regret it.
you can follow her tales and travels on her blog

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