day 24: my favourite apps

2014, July

my favourite easy-to-use iphone apps!

for photo editing

  • a beautiful mess

6a00d8358081ff69e2019101f5e869970c-800wibecause this happens…




  • afterlight – because you can do this…



and this too



for keeping in touch

  • viber – free international calls…whaaaaa? #signmeup
  • whatsapp – free international texting and voice messaging? #yesplease


for social media

  • snapchat
  • twitter
  • instagram


for travel

  • – download city maps to use whilst you’re abroad {when you don’t have wifi}
  • airbnb – genius better-than-couchsurfing apartment renting


for media {not social}

  • netflix
  • youtube
  • imdb


for games 

  • splashy fish {i was too late on the flappy bird download frenzy}
  • farm heroes
  • heads up – THE BEST PARTY GAME EVER #thankyouellen


for fitness

  • 7 min workout – genius i tell you. thighs were hurting for days after one workout {mostly because i am totally and utterly unfit}
  • MyFitnessPal

i’m a bit of an app junkie. what are your favourites?






2 thoughts on “day 24: my favourite apps

  1. I love most of these, I’m interested to download and a beautiful mess!! My fav app at the moment is duolingo, amaazing if you’re into learning languages for free:)

    1. They are great huh? I love both and a beautiful mess and I have duolingo for French – it is amazing!!!

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