day 23: five things i’ve learned that school didn’t teach me


i know things have changed quite a bit since i finished school {it’s been 11 years already – so crazy}.

a lot has changed in that time. but also a lot hasn’t changed. here are 5 things school didn’t teach me {and perhaps it was because it was the school i went to…maybe things have changed now}:

  1. budgeting / saving: i got myself into so much debt while at university. thankfully everything is paid off {other than my student loan}. today i am much much better. but that is after a lot of wasted money and even time learning from mistake after mistake. whether it’s saving for a car, house or new handbag, knowing how to do it makes all the difference. {p.s. i’m still learning}.
  2. job hunting: this is so imperative. why oh why is this not taught in school? it’s not just the looking it’s the preparing, understanding and learning how to set yourself apart. i am even surprised it’s a mandatory class at university. because that’s basically what you have to do throughout the rest of your life.
  3. networking: i guess this links in with point number 2. but in all honestly i strongly believe the best way to get s job is through networking. very often it’s not what you know but of course who you know.
  4. dealing with failure: it’s different for everyone. but as a society we need to get better at that. there’s the whole argument of rewarding everyone in class vs. rewarding the most successful. if kids don’t learn how to deal with failure, and more importantly, how to learn from it. failures are good.
  5. positive thinking: this changes everything.

basically, major life lessons.



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