day 21: make-up must haves

2014, Blogging, Fashion, July

if you’ve just joined my blog – welcome! i hope you enjoy my many musings and what i hope to be funny / encouraging / fun posts. i try to keep it easy breezy {as one commenter put it!}.

july is my birthday month i am posting every-single-day this month – i did it last year which was fun. this year however i found out i have birthday twin in the form of fellow blogger hippiechickj. we were born on the exact same day, month and year {in two different countries mind} but it has been a lot of fun to know there is someone on the other side of the world, who is the exact same age as me, doing the same challenge!

today’s post may or may not be a little lazy {it’s already 11:48pm here in the uk…so wayyy past my bedtime} …

here is a link to my “a few of my favourite things” blog post from earlier this year that feature photos, but here are my make-up must haves right now:

  • concealer: specifically sephora collection 8 hour wear perfect cover concealer
  • face conture kit in medium by sleek – find it here
  • lipstick: at the beginning of the year i made a promise to wear more lipstick and i am trying! my favourite colours this summer are ruby woo, rebel and all fired up by mac
  • mascara: particularly diorshow by christian dior
  • primer: i can’t get enough of photo finish by smashbox. love, love, love.

what are your make-up must haves?



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