day 20: a diary exert

2014, Blogging, Family and Friends, July

instead of sharing my “wo is me” diary exerts of recent years, i dug around a little and dusted off my journal from the delightful 11 year old me {let’s pretend i was delightful}.

if i could just copy and paste all the entries i would. and of course if you had the time/desire to read it. but having spent a good few hours rifling through the entries i couldn’t just pick one. so here is a collection of some of my favourite parts…

** i didn’t change a thing – spelling and grammer included. in some cases though emphasis added or commentary added **

sunday 3rd november 1996 
dear diary,
today was very exciting because it was fast sunday…..
{what the????}

monday 4th november 1996
dear dairy,
yes yes as you might have known i had school today, and of corse i went to school with my hair done in an uncle bob {i don’t even know what that is} and of course everyone said wow mariama you have nice hair. which was very annoying because they always touched my hair and i didn’t like it…

saturday 9th november 1996
dear diary,
…i asked mum if she could give me some work to do for money so i hooverd her bedroom and then ironed some of mum and dads clothes {how was i ironing at this age? must have looked atrocious!} which was very exciting…{again what the?}

saturday 30th november 1996
dear diary,
today was fabulous (just like me!!) — i actually said that — to start with it was saturday and i had finished all my homework on friday so i hardly had anything to do. i got told off though for not getting dressed (in the morning) — some things never change — and for screaming at alimamy {my cousin}. 

friday 6th december 1996
dear dairy,
today was brilliant because well it was friday! …jim and hassan {my cousins} came round. and hassan every two minutes he would come into the kitchen and ask “what’s that?” in other words he was hungry.

thursday 2nd january 1997
all i wrote…
went to the cinema and to town. watched matilda at the cinema.
i honestly can’t believe that was 17 years ago!

there was so much more. but you and i could be here for hours! to read what i wrote, what went on in my mind at that age, the things that were important to me…has been quite incredible. as has some of the things i actually noted, like the day my paternal grandpa died in sierra leone and the day i “joined the club” aka started my time of the month. ok fine. i’ll say it. my period. there.

anyway to have recorded all those thoughts down? absolutely priceless.

did you start a journal when you were young? whether you did or didn’t, what does it/would it say?



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