day 18: dream BIG

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i absolutely loved birthday twin’s dream big post today. it’s fun to read about big dreams, and especially when those dreams can very much become reality. check out hippiechickj’s post here.

you should also check out her life smells better when you make your own detergent post here. genius i tell you. genius.

dream big1

here are some of my big dreams:

1. a villa in greece: i go on and on about this but in all seriousness i want to purchase a villa in greece, one i can use as a holiday home as well as rent to other folks. and when i say greece i really mean a greek island.


2. i have so many business ideas. and you all know i want to eventually run my own business. perhaps from that greek villa.

3. build a retirement home for my parents in sierra leone. they’ve done so much for me. that’s the least i can do.

photo 3

4. to have a husband and children. this is oh-so-precious to me. so much so i don’t often tell people it is a dream. is that weird? maybe.

5. visit every continent on this planet of ours. there is so much to see and what feels like so little time.

you know what’s crazy? only recently i realised that i can do anything i want. within reason of course. and i’m the only person in my way. well i guess with the husband thing that’s a joint decision…ya know, i can’t really go marrying someone without their permission. or mine.

all joking aside though, we have the ability to make our dreams a reality. we really do.

photo 3 (2)



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