day 14: guest post

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i’m so excited to share today’s guest post! i’ve known nathanael for about 8 years now and i loved reading this when he sent it to me; great post from a different perspective!

**also you should check out some of nathanael’s brilliant photography and blog at #seriouslytho**



Well, it certainly is an honour to be guest blogging on Mariama’s site.

I always enjoy reading Maz’s thoughts and what is going on in her world.

By way of introduction I am a photographer with a focus on weddings and portraits but with a strong interest in what I call conceptual art, it tends to be a bit more controversial or I try to actually say something different to each viewer. I am also moving into the world of Boudoir photography – I think that boudoir is actually highly empowering and almost always increases a persons long-term confidence.

I am also a massive comic book nerd, I’ve been reading graphic novels since I was about 17 and fell in love with the mythology behind the characters and what they teach us about humanity, how they can inspire us all to live in a better way. Nowadays comic book characters are big time Hollywood interests and I feel its somewhat a shame that some of the biggest lessons they teach us are lost in the desire to bring in as big a crowd as possible.

It is about comic books that I want to write about, or more specifically a single comic book character.

There is a non-mainstream comic book character named Sentry, not much is known about him, even among fans, there are various reasons (ask me about it if you want to know), but there are some things that are very well-known. He has basically limitless potential, he is probably the most powerful Earth born hero in the Marvel Universe and probably one of the most powerful characters Marvel’s line up full stop. 


What holds him back is his mental health, he suffers with depression, schizophrenia and agoraphobia amongst other things. He also suffers with low self-esteem and self-doubt, he even has a mental projection of his ‘dark side’ called The Void, who is actually his arch nemesis and it was not known that The Void was a mental projection for a long time. He fights The Void much like Superman fights Lex Luthor or General Zod or Batman fights The Joker or The Riddler, it’s the same principle.

What I find most interesting about this is that The Sentry’s arch nemesis, very uniquely, is himself. His self-doubt and his own view of who he is. His constant battle is to defeat himself. In all the comics I have read he is unique in this fact.

As stated before I love how comic book characters are relatable to humanity and they teach us a lot about ourselves. Although the majority of us will not suffer from such extreme mental illness as The Sentry does in a comic book we will all, at some point, have to deal with self-doubt and our own view of ourselves.

How many times have we said to ourselves we can’t do something? Or that we are not good enough?

We all have our own version of The Void but we can push through that, we can defeat the self-doubt, the self-criticism and ‘the darkness within’. Sometimes we can do it ourselves, sometimes we need to lean on friends or family. Sometimes a stranger or distant associate may help us see something in a different perspective but all of us have limitless potential, all of us can be powerful beyond measure and all of us can change the world, our world, one positive step at a time.


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