day 12: it’s my BIRTHDAY!! | birthday memories | 30 things before 30

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first off happy birthday birthday twin!! we made it to 29 girl! i look forward to seeing your birthday post!

**warning** this post is rather long!

i honestly used to think 29 was really old, now i’m here i still feel like i’m a 21 year old trying to figure out life. i hear this figuring out thing lasts for some time.

it’s 10.25am and i’m sat in bed in my jammies, my mum just came over to drop my birthday card and prezzie {i’m house sitting at the moment}, the sun is shininh…i feel as fabulous as i did on my 28th birthday! {read that here}

i do love having a summer birthday, the weather is usually pretty good, and it was always close to the summer holidays.

  • i had a bbq for my 10th birthday. at the time i was ‘best friends’ with a boy who had been my ‘boyfriend’ the previous year. i had invited him and his brother and i remember popping out the front door every half hour or so to see it he was coming down the street. i remember feeling pretty sad when he didn’t come but my parents reminded me to enjoy the party with those who came. that was one of those moments where i learnt a life lesson: to learn to enjoy what’s here and now and not always be wanting for more.
  • my 11th birthday i had a water fight + bbq. my primary school was about a 20min walk from home so after school my friends and i excitedly walked back to my house talking about how much fun the water fight was going to be {i didn’t care too much about food back then}.
  • my 12th birthday was a sleep over at the new house my parents had just bought. i remember when we had house hunting with them my mum and i fell in love with the kitchen because it was the biggest. now it seems tiny, but i just have fond memories of my parents involving my brother and i in that decision. anyway the sleepover was a blast and i shared it with old {primary school} and new {secondary school} friends.
  • my 16th birthday i had a dance party in the hall of my church. it’s a huge hall so we blocked off some of it. i was still pretty shy in front of large groups of people back then and my mum got me to dance in front of my friends on a mini stage to destiny’s child’s ‘bootylicious’. i. was. so. embarrassed.
  • for my 18th birthday i got a trip to rome, by myself! my mum’s friend lived out there so i stayed with her and her family, it was my first time travelling on my own – and i loved it!
  • i think i went out in london for my 21st…is that awful that i don’t quite remember? probably.
  • i’ve only spent a handful of birthdays away from my family {24, 25, 27, 28} but i have ALWAYS felt the love from family and friends, near and far. i am deeply grateful for that.

i can’t quite believe i’m going to be 30 next year. in preparation for this next milestone age since my 21st here is my 30 things to do before i’m 30 list. hippiechickj you’re welcome to join!

  1. write in my journal everyday for 365 days
  2. eat 3 courses in 3 countries in one day. this will happen. thank you continental europe for being so travel easy. breakfast in london, lunch in paris and dinner in brussels. that’s the plan!
  3. try something i wouldn’t normally eat
  4. go travelling for 2 weeks in europe
  5. start a small business
  6. run a 5k {baby steps, baby steps}
  7. splurge on a once-in-a-lifetime meal at one of the world’s best restaurants
  8. learn a new language
  9. splurge on an item that i technically can’t afford, but that will last for years
  10. take a cross country road trip
  11. apply for my dream job {if i haven’t already}
  12. unplug for a full day, or even a week
  13. write a book
  14. kiss someone at midnight on new years eve
  15. regular yoga class attendance, ideally once a week
  16. hug more
  17. research my family tree
  18. buy a meal for a homeless person
  19. develop my online brand {there is a lot to this, i shall elaborate soon}
  20. take more pictures on my dslr {purpose for the dslr was for the blog – i still need to share these with you. promise}
  21. go star gazing
  22. apply for my dream job {if i haven’t already ;)}
  23. redecorate a room
  24. diy something {ali i’m thinking of learning from you! lampshade maybe?}
  25. declutter my bedroom {at the rents house}
  26. lose 2 stones | 12.7 kg | 28 pounds
  27. ask for forgiveness
  28. attend a red carpet movie premier
  29. seriously make a plan and start saving for this villa in greece {or most likely a greek island}
  30. have a morning routine {prayer & relaxation}

there you have it. i don’t want this list to change. and it won’t.

here’s to birthdays, big hair and birthday lists.

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