day 9: my perfect day in the {home} office

2014, Blogging, Career, Inspiration, July

because i strive to live by this rule…

My Quote of the Week

…i continually seek for work opportunities that apply.

i’m currently in between jobs but my perfect day in the office {i say ‘home’ office because eventually i want to run my business from home}:

  • gym / yoga first thing
  • shower, dress
  • contemplation / meditation / prayer
  • plan tasks for the day and prioritise work load
  • get to it!
  • lunch – always away from my desk, sometimes outside / sometimes with a friend. but definitely away from my desk
  • work until the end of the scheduled time, unless there are urgent, pressing matters. but that shouldn’t be routine
  • home sweet home

other aspects of my ideal work day?

  • travel…i have to get that in somehow, whether it be meeting clients or partners, business meetings or attending an event
  • relaxation or meditation time during the day. why? because i think this is vital to having a productive day
  • building good relationships with my colleagues and management, both personally and work related

and what i would love in an office, whether at home or otherwise:

  • CUSHIONS and lots of them
  • free ice-cream dispenser
  • a nap room {thanks arianna huffington}
  • outdoor space for those glorious often-few-and-far-between summer days

it’s late and i have two interviews tomorrow! wish me luck, now to get some zzzzzzs.



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