day 10: most embarrassing moment{s}

2014, Blogging, July

i have quite a few embarrassing moments. some of which i have blocked from memory, others i will never live down.



here are a few:

  • one night i was checking out forbes richest list and it stated william gates as the richest man in the world {this was back in 2005/6}. i was like “who?”. **please note that i did not know bill was short for william at the time** i went into work the next day and asked everyone on my team “does bill gates have a brother? because according to forbes, william gates is the richest man in the world” ………. the. looks. i. got.
  • i may or may not have asked while watching the footy last week “this is belgium as in holland right?” i. don’t. even. know. where. that. came. from. i’m fully aware holland/netherlands and belgium are two different countries.
  • i have once walked out of the loo with my skirt tucked into my knickers. highly, highly embarrassing.
  • i’ve definitely called people by the wrong name, and i’ve also forgotten someone’s name even after i’ve known them for a good couple of months.
  • i hesitate to share this one because you might think differently of me afterwards…but i accidentally farted in a 3 month review meeting with my boss {i say accidentally because generally, ya know, i’m a lady and i don’t fart in public}. i tried to wriggle around in the leather chair i was sat in to try to repeat the sound but that probably made things worse. thankfully my boss ignored it {or i like to think he didn’t hear anything}.

it’s only a handful, but trust me when i say i have plenty more. but that’s all i’m sharing for today!

go check out birthday twin’s post for today i failed flirting 101



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