day 6: my five summer reads

2014, Blogging, Culture, Family and Friends

remember when i said i might possibly change my blog everyday list around? well it’s already day 6 and i’m doing it. 

let me explain. 

i was supposed to talk about my perfect day in the {home} office but i’m in such a chill mood that the idea of work seems so out of place. after an absolutely fantastic weekend in bristol with friends and family, i’m now sitting in my room with the window open and with what is left of the evening sun & warmth gently caressing my feet. the talk of work is definitely out of place.

so my five summer reads it is:

  1. the rosie project | graeme simsion charming, funny & touching. it’ll make you feel better, i promise.
  2. thrive | arianna huffington from the woman who has nap rooms, NAP ROOMS PEOPLE, at the head quarters of the huffington post in new york {which she runs}. just for that i think it’s worth the read. 
  3. what alice forgot | liane moriarty really touching so far and i might have gotten teary already. alice wakes up {after hitting her head} thinking she is pregnant, 29 years old and that the year is 1998…except it’s 2008 and she’s 39 and has 3 children she doesn’t remember..incredible so far!
  4. the fault in our stars | john green beautiful. i’m still hesitant to see the film. i might. but i cried. i definitely cried. 
  5. the lincoln lawyer | michael connelly i was intrigued by the film, it wasn’t a box office smash  but definitely an interesting storyline. i hope the book brings it more to life.

these are in no particular order. and having read 2 out of the 5 so far {the rosie project & the fault in our stars — i literally devoured them} i’m excited about my next read what alice forgot which was a recommendation from blogger cara from maskcara. i’m loving it already. 

here’s to warm summer nights, book reading, and relaxation.



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