day 3: five internet faves

2014, Blogging, Culture, Inspiration, July

i should have probably put a disclaimer when i started this challenge that yes i made a list of posts for each day but they might {and probably will} change when i actually come to write up the post.

so today’s task was originally: favourite things on the internet from the past year.

and i thought that was a little unfair because some of the videos i wanted to share with you don’t come from the last year…

so instead i will share my top five. i can do want i want right? and i hope you enjoy.

1. that’s what she said | 10 things every female should know by natalie patterson 

2. kid president | pep talk

3. first moon party

4. little kids. big questions. | purpose 

5. ted talk | sarah kay: if i should have a daughter

i made it before midnight. i’ll get better. promise.



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