day 1: the story of my life

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the story of your life in 250 words or less

how am i supposed to tell you my life in 250 words or less? and now i’m using up words…

i was born on friday 12th july 1985 in a city in sierra leone called makeni. i was born at 7:38pm. when my family moved to england i was 4 years old and couldn’t speak english. at the time we had been apart from our parents for almost a year {they had moved to england ahead of my brother and i}. i distinctly remember calling them aunty and uncle because we couldn’t remember who they were. and to this day we still joke about whether they are really our parents.

nowadays my accent would have you think i was born here.


at 28 i’m still figuring out my career and with 30 looming close by like an unwanted rain cloud, i’m only a little apprehensive. i’ve got some amazing experiences behind me that make me wonder and feel a little excited as to what the next 30 years are going to look like; i lived in utah, usa for just over 2 years, i realised entrepreneurship is in my blood, i represented sierra leone in the miss africa utah pageant in march 2014 , i’ve started 2 businesses in the last 8 years and i’ve done a fair little bit of traveling. oh traveling. i have that bug. the one that once you catch it, it kind of never leaves you. and it’s contagious. you feel it everywhere you go.

also i have a thing for eastern european guys. there may or may not be one who, right now, is close to this beating heart of mine 😉

i might have gone over 250 words.

i probably have.

in case you’re wondering, i’m thinking about, and hope to soon be planning, my next adventure, so watch this space! {but really though because i’ll probably be blogging about it}.




4 thoughts on “day 1: the story of my life

  1. YES TRAVEL!!! I feel we may have persuaded each other over the past few weeks to get off our backsides and actually do something about tackling this bug…

  2. Love this Maz so cool! I am going to go on a big advneture soon and you have inspired me to blog, thank you x

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