on what i’m reading

2014, Culture, Inspiration, June

i’ve started reading again and it’s oh-so-glorious. i had forgotten just how delicious words are and how much devouring them feeds my aching soul.

{and it’s only aching because i’ve. needed. to. read.}

and now that i’m feeding this hunger, this need to escape in words; i am beginning to feel satisfied.

or shall i say my soul is.

not the undo-your-trouser-button-because-you’ve-eaten-too-much satisfied. no.

i mean the THAT-was-the-best-meal-i’ve-ever-had-and-to-over-eat-would-be-to-ruin-the-experience kind of satisfied.

the savor-every-mouthful satisfied.

i don’t know why i’m resorting to food analogies to describe my recent reading experience but now you know my obsession with books.

and food

#bookworm #foodobssessed


the rosie project is brilliant. funny. heartwarming. delicious {we should use that word more often}. chuckle-quite-loudly-to-yourself-on-the-train kind of hilarious actually.

a dazzling read. it’s going on my favourites list.

i guess i should talk about the content of the book right? don is the main character and i fell in love with him from page 2. maybe even page 1. watching his life from his perspective as he looks for a wife *the wife project*{he’s 39 and lives his life by schedules and systems}, his relationship with rosie {who is totally unsuitable and turns his systematic life upside down}…it’s both fascinating and brilliant, i guess that’s what makes me {and maybe you} root for him from page 2 {or page 1}.

i used a lot of {these} in that utterly poor description. here go to amazon. i tried. articulating words into coherent sentences is not my strong point today. or this week really.




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