it’s like … it’s like … well … heaven. for your taste-buds.

2014, Culture, Family and Friends, Food, May

happy bank holiday monday!

i just love them. they’re full of lie-ins, full english breakfasts for lunch, netflix and more sleep.

dearest britain, how much i’ve missed you and your bank holidays. even the rainy ones.

a few weeks ago my bff alison treated me to a chocolate tour of london. it. was. fabulous. a great way to be re-introduced to london. and to do something touristy {in london} for once.

it was like “oh hey london, it’s been a while. wait….wait. what’s this? wow. thank you for showing me a side of you that i never knew existed.”

it was stunning. 

we started off the day with lunch at balans. then we headed off to the algerian coffee store to start the tour. we went to paul a. young, hotel chocolat, freggo, prestat, fortnum & masons, charbonnel & walker and east india company.

i would give my arm for the sea salted caramel chocolate from paul a. young. fortnum & masons provide chocolate for the queen. and freggo had the best sorbet i’ve ever tasted.

“there is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate”
linda grayson

thank you alison. you, my dear, have rocked my socks.












dsc00442^^the yummiest hot chocolate^^




dsc00456^^i really want this in my future home^^



dsc00470^^we do love our tea in england. so of course. a chocolate in the shape of a tea cup. makes sense.^^



i’ve got a couple of girlfriends coming from utah to visit london in july and we are so doing this.

if you’re interested here are the details. or perhaps look out for a deal on groupon or

absolutely worth it.



One thought on “it’s like … it’s like … well … heaven. for your taste-buds.

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