new york, new york | a city so nice they named it twice

2014, April, Family and Friends, Food, Travel

“new york is the meeting place of peoples, the only city where you can hardly find a typical american.”
djuna barnes

4 days, 3 nights. pizza. glamor. grand central station. pizza. walking and more walking. street food. central park. pizza. saks fifth avenue. did i say pizza?

on the way back to the uk i decided to stop over in new york and washington d.c. for about a week. i’d never been to new york and with friends in both places i thought, why not? {i also managed to save a whopping {nearly} $700 by stopping in new york — flights one way from slc to london were $1300, my flight from salt lake to new york was $173 and from new york to london $460 … yep}

i thought i took lots of pictures but apparently jet lag/exhaustion makes your imagination run away for a little bit.

a city that never sleeps_edited

“there’s something in the new york air that makes sleep useless.”
simone de beauvoir

there really is. i might have been completely shattered most of the time and spent one afternoon after a red eye flight asleep on mike and amy’s blow up bed, but still. there is just something about it. a buzz if you must. that makes you want to be there. be involved. even if it is just gawking at the ginormous sky scrapers, the cool chic, perfectly coiffed hair model-esk men and women {i don’t think that’s a word} or the smells that range from side mouth dribble to “did something just die”?

it had a lot of london similarities. but it was oh-so-different at the same time.

central park 2_edited

central park_edited

from the brooklyn bridge to central park, greenwich village and a $7 million house tour {totally tried to pretend like it was something i could afford} it was a trip that awakened all my senses. not that they were asleep but after weeks of packing and pageant prep, goodbye tears and wonderment whether i had made the right decision, it was just what i needed.



the pizza. oh the pizza. if you’re going to new york, go to lombardy’s. it was melt in your mouth, i can totally eat two whole pizza’s to myself, delicious. also make sure to try out the $1 pizza slices sold practically everywhere, although the place on 44th and 2nd street was my favorite.

i might have looked like a hobo for the majority of my stay but who cares in new york? no one. just like london, it’s the city where you can wear whatever you like and no one, and i mean no one, bats an eye lid.



“a new yorker who doesn’t take the subway is not a new yorker you can trust.”
white collar


thank you mike and amy for being the best tour guides to this tired, oh my gosh this pizza is so good, girl.



and there is nothing wrong with dancing in aeropostale, in times square, at 11.30pm on a saturday night. absolutely nothing.

new york i’ll be coming back to you, perhaps for a little longer *sigh*

until next time.



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