dearest owen family

2014, Family and Friends, Love, March, Travel

dearest owen family, i think i left a part of my heart with you.

thank you for…

my first nba, baseball and american football games. my first thanksgiving, black friday, superbowl sunday, july 4th, pioneer day and american christmas.

my first trip to vegas, first time to lagoon, first american halloween, first real american fries and shake at dairy keen {remember that time i panicked at the numerous options and got a vanilla shake?!} for cheering for me at the miss africa utah pageant. for the signs that you held up that kept me smiling while i was on stage.

for showing me that family doesn’t mean you have to be blood related.

for putting up with my countless questions about how ‘america works’.

thank you for your endless kindness and love. i felt like an owen. always.

523433_708062717347_1446373949_n (1)










photo 2

photo 1

photo 3
**i don’t know what’s going on with my face here…

photo 4

photo 5

yes i think i left a piece of my heart with you.



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