oh…hi there. it’s been a while huh?

2014, Blogging, Family and Friends, March, Travel

i promise this blogging hiatus was not intentional. ya know, packing, preparing and participating in a pageant, a bit of travelling and then moving to another country took up some time. i actually have a few posts saved as drafts. and for almost everyday for the last few weeks i’ve thought…i need to get back to that dear old blog of mine.

so here i am {let’s be honest here though, the break was a little refreshing too}.

i’m back in england, i’m home! and while it has been so much fun being home it also feels slightly alien to me at the same time. it’s like “wait, i don’t have to tip?”, “what? no tax?”, “what is this thing you call a pound coin?”. i even got told i had a “clear accent” for an american. whatever that even means. but after living in another country for 2 years i guess that’s bound to happen. right?


sometimes you just have to dance. in aeropostle, at times square, at 11.30pm on a saturday night.

just sometimes.

{i promise more updates to come.}



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