a few of my favorite things {part 2} | beauty edition



***warning to my male readers, this post is all about make-up. look away {but not for too long}***

find part 1 of my favorite things here.

remind me to not participate in a big event like a pageant when i’m trying to move back to another country! i’m kidding, but seriously. granted most of the “busy-ness” is probably in my head, the stress of learning dance moves, memorizing a poem, remembering walk patterns, packing and trying to sell a car is all a bit. well, crazy! if you know me, you know i worry about absolutely everything. it. will. all. be. fine. that is what i am telling myself over and over again.

anyway i’ve gone a little make-up crazy over the last few weeks. but it’s about time as i haven’t updated my collection in a while. mostly because the funds won’t allow. so of course i was due an update.

i am a girly girl {and a tom-boy on occasion} and i often feel like a new woman when i’ve bought new lipstick/mascara/foundation etc. etc.

lashes for days
i’m blessed with fairly naturally curly lashes. when i was first experimenting with make-up i decided to spend my minimum wage £££’s on MAC make-up. there i was, a bright eyed new-to-all-this 16 year-old in selfridges of london on oxford street. i felt like i was 16-going-on-25. because of course by then i would have figured life out and i would be a woman.

i walked away with my first non-highstreet make-up purchase and got a sample size of dior show mascara as a gift. so when i say lashes for days i really mean lashes for days. so much so i had several compliments and “are you wearing lash extentions?” type questions.

i haven’t had the $$$ to make the purchase since. and i couldn’t justify it to be honest {$26 for one}. but last month i couldn’t contain my excitement as it was handed over to me as a gift. now if your eyes goggled a little at that price tag do not fear, i found a high street alternative; extra super lash from rimmel london {under $10 for TWO}. yay for cheaper alternatives that don’t break the bank.


smooth as a baby’s bottom
i remember a commercial {in england} ending with that tagline, don’t ask me which product they were selling but i’ve remembered it to this day. and it sorta fits.

i’ve been using MAC’s pro longwear concealer in nw45 but having it roll off the counter in the bathroom at work then watched it smash to pieces {glass product} 3 TIMES, i had had enough.  i huffed and puffed, possibly cried a little and decided it was to try another concealer that won’t smash if it fell on the floor {i drop everything}. so i wandered into sephora, i’ve been wanting to try their own-name make-up for some time.

i ended up with their sephora collection 8 hour wear perfect cover concealer. it has great coverage and i find that i don’t need much.


honestly? i found MAC’s pro longwear concealer to give much better coverage for my skin. but i’m happy with this for now, until i can face buying another concealer from MAC.

tint those lips
actually with MAC lipsticks it’s a bit more than tinting. but the coverage is glorious! in my letting go and more lipstick post i mentioned i had bought MAC’s lustre lipstick in syrup. i also went for ruby woorebel and all fired up. they last all day with minimal need for touch ups. they also suit every skin tone and at $16 each i think it’s worth it!


recently i have been using pinkish toned blushers for my cheeks but in the past i usually go for shimmering orange-toned blushers, and that’s why i went back to it with fashion fair’s beauty blush in ginger berry. fashion fair is a great line for darker-skinned women and it has also come a long way.


photo finish
there isn’t much to say about this primer from smashbox except it does what it says on the tin {ok not quite a tin but that is yet another english commercial tagline}.  i bought this sample size at sephora, not wanting to spend $$$. i originally saw this on pinterest and of course pinned it to my all dressed in white wedding board. i will be buying the full-sized one once i’m finished with this sample size!


what are some of you favorite beauty buys? what are your worst?

find part 1 of my favorite things here.



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