happy birthday to me! {and you!}

2014, Blogging, February, February

it’s been one year of cupcake mascara!


it’s been a fun journey. i’ve learnt a lot about myself, about writing and about freedom of expression. and i’ve loved every minute.

do  you know what i have learnt the most? it’s ok to be honest. in fact, it’s great to be honest. and to be real. i have found that some of my most popular posts are the ones where i have been honest with you and with myself.

i have also learnt that there are some things i can {and should} keep to myself.

i discovered that the world wide web isn’t all bad. there are amazing people doing incredible things, everyday. for themselves, for their families and for their communities.

and thank you to you, dear reader, for your support, feedback and love. i thoroughly enjoy the emails and comments. keep them coming and i hope to keep you entertained, inspired and tickled-on-the-inside happy.

here are a few of my favorite blog posts from the past year…

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feature friday: memories for life photography
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letting go and more lipstick

here’s to another year!



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