valentine’s day

2014, Culture, February

normans is a great blogging community site that i stumbled on a few months back. and it’s brilliant. and quite hilariously and beautifully written.

but it was the latest post {on valentine’s day} that really stood out to me.

how to never spend valentine’s day alone

read it. because it inspired this post. as did the science of happiness from soulpancake on youtube.


L. O. V. E.

and romance. and kisses. and cuddles. and chocolate. and cards that you throw away. and flowers.

i think i just regurgitated.

not because those things are wrong. but this season tends to promote that without all of that we are lonely and sad individuals.

just yesterday i was listening to a radio station in the uk and the presenters commented on how alone they were going to be on valentine’s day because they weren’t in relationships.

so with everyone so focused on the “relationship” and “in love” part of valentine’s day it’s no wonder many people hate it so much. and all of a sudden, if you’re in a relationship and your beau doesn’t buy you chocolate/flowers/jewelry/cologne, they don’t love you.

when did buying gifts on a season such as this become a defining part of a relationship?

i’m not going to rant about the over-romanticization of valentine’s day. i don’t want to take up your time with that. there’s probably enough of it on the world wide web anyway.

here’s something. because i don’t think valentine’s day is going to go away.

why not think about someone who has encouraged you, loved you regardless of your weaknesses {because goodness we all have them}, who has inspired you to be better, who respects you and everything that you are. think about that person and write down why you are grateful for them.

then tell them.

if according to science {and soulpancake} we can find happiness in gratitude then why not. rather than focus on what “love” we don’t have why not focus on the love we do have.

so dear reader, i invite, this valentine’s day to tell the person that makes a difference in your life just how much they mean to you. if you’re a blogger i invite you to invite your readers to do the same.

if you do try this, i would love to hear of your experiences. email me at or leave a comment below.



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