4 weeks to go…

2014, Culture, Fashion, February

saturday 8 february.

its midday and i have a full face of make-up on {which never happens}.

i’m sat in a chair with two bright lights veered off to either side of me and a camera in front. alan, our videographer, says “take 2” and “3, 2, 1…action”

off i go “i was born in sierra leone, in the northern province of makeni…moved to england when i was 4…” the rest of it is kind of a blur seeing as i was definitely apprehensive — this video is of course getting shown on a big screen on the night of the pageant. i stood up with sweaty pits.

the rest of the rehearsals were just fine, with walking patterns for the traditional outfit and the evening gown, as well learning the intro dance.

i’m not going to lie, apart from the filming part, it was fun! and i am in love the how different each nation of africa is. i mean, we have our similarities but the differences are so beautiful! as are each of the girls participating.

from my last couple of posts you’ll note that i was down in provo with my bff ema, just over a week ago. even though it was absolutely freezing, she braved the cold with me and we had a fun photoshoot.

i’m not usually keen on having my photo taken, and to begin with i had no idea how to pose – but ema is fabulous, told me to relax and we just had fun with it.

here are a few pictures from the day!

oh and there are only 4 weeks left till the pageant. not. freaking. out. at all.






can’t thank ema enough.

**side note: it’s my last week at work. yessssssss**



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