rainbows are for birthday girls

2014, Family and Friends, February, Food

i mentioned in my sacred gifts post that i was in provo visiting my bff ema and her husband besmir. well it also happened to be ema’s birthday the day before so i decided to make her a birthday cake.

i wanted something fabulous, fun and one of a kind {not to be cheesy but that is ema all over!}.

then i thought, rainbows are for birthday girls.

ok i didn’t really, but a couple of years ago i made a rainbow birthday cake for one of my friends and bless her she liked it but it looked like a bit of a disaster **note — there is no photographic evidence**

so naturally i wanted to try it again!

i started with 2 boxes of cake mix and food coloring.

Cake Box

Food Coloring

got mixing and went from this:


to this:


it was so much fun!

baked for about 15mins – making sure i didn’t over cook them {as i usually do!}.

then stacked the cakes and used a medium sized bowl to cut around the edges so it would be round…and when i say ‘i’, i mean my roommate as you can see from this pic!


and voila!


i had used two cans of vanilla frosting, one for the layers and one to cover the cake. my genius roommate korinne then decorated the cake with ema’s favorite flower.


it was definitely an adventure getting this cute thing down to provo in a car, but there wasn’t too much damage by the time i got there and it was delicious!

**these next few pictures are from ema’s blog our love in bloom**

img_0795 edited

img_0796 edited

img_0806 edited

IMG_0811 edited

IMG_0814 edited

i know i’m not a professional baker of any sort but it was fun, i think it turned out ok and ema loved it {most important right?!}.

happy friday and hope you have a wonderful weekend!



3 thoughts on “rainbows are for birthday girls

  1. So this is how that beautiful cake came about? It was delicious! I am not big fun of deserts but I LOVED that cake and I think I ate the whole think myself! oops! Thanks again! It was a great surprise!

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