sacred gifts

2014, Culture, Family and Friends, February, Religion

last saturday my bff ema, and her husband, invited me to go with them to view an art exhibition called sacred gifts down at the byu art gallery in provo utah.

it. was. absolutely. breathtaking.

sacred gifts is a collection of religious art fro m carl bloch, heinrich hofmann and frans schwartz.

Sacred Gifts

if you don’t already know, i am lds. or mormon as we are more commonly known. many of the works of art are used by the lds church. many of the paintings i recognized from my childhood. but gosh to be able to see the originals and see all the details up close.

they reminded me of why i believe in Jesus Christ. they reminded me of what He taught; to love all regardless of who they are or what weaknesses they may have. it was incredibly peaceful.

here is an excerpt from the sacred gifts site:
Sacred Gifts: The Religious Art of Carl Bloch, Heinrich Hofmann and Frans Schwartz is an all-new exhibition opening at the Brigham Young University Museum of Art on November 15, 2013.The exhibition will feature nearly two dozen beloved paintings of the life of Jesus Christ by three European master painters from the late-19th century. Most of these works have never before been on view in the United States, and are being loaned to the BYU Museum of Art under extraordinary circumstances from churches and museums in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and New York.Sacred Gifts will explore and celebrate the many precious gifts represented by these outstanding portrayals of the Savior. The BYU Museum of Art invites patrons to partake of these sacred offerings and discover the miraculous gifts that have made the exhibition possible.

and this was one of my favorites. the detail was phenomenal.

The Mocking of Christ
**the mocking of Christ by carl bloch**

ema and i took our time to look around while her husband chose one to write an essay on for one of his classes. it was incredible.

Ema and I

it is free entry and i do invite you to attend {if you are based in utah of course} — it’s worth it!



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