a few of my favorite things {part 1}

2014, Fashion, February


it’s about time i did a fashion post. almost a year after i started this blog! but i guess this blog has evolved since i first started it.

there are a few items in my wardrobe that i could wear everyday if i didn’t have to see the same people each day. and i love bargain shopping. because doesn’t it sound so much better when you get a compliment for an outfit and you can say “well i only got it for…”?! yes? or maybe it’s just me.

this will be a mini series of some of my favorite items from my wardrobe. all photos are taken by my gorgeous bff ema {i’m really not biased – she is stunning} — check out her fashion and lifestyle blog here.

i first fell in love in blazers when i was about 18 and looking for a new look before i began university. what i love about them is that you can wear a blazer for a formal occasion or for something more casual. with this look i was going for a smart/casual date night.


chiffon ruffle shirts
i don’t even know if these are the official names for them but i love these mostly because they are flattering. even when it’s one of those nights and i’ve eaten way-too-much-for-my-own-good.


these glorious things. dressed up or dressed down. heels, boots, flats, shirts, jackets etc. etc. i could go on. i wear leggings all year round because they go with everything and are oh-so-comfortable.



what are some of your all time favorite wardrobe items?



5 thoughts on “a few of my favorite things {part 1}

  1. Oh my goodness, these pics are gorgeous!!! You look amazing!

    Lovely to speak to you on Sunday.

    Love you loads Xxxxxxx

    1. Aww thanks Ali!

      Yes it was great to catch up with you on Sunday too. So excited to see you soon!!

      Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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