random thoughts of the day

2014, Januray


// my eyebrows don’t match but someone once told me they are supposed to be sisters rather than twins

// i’m in love with red lippy at the moment **i’m wearing ruby woo by mac**

// the miss africa utah pageant moved from march 29th to march 8th. that means it’s 5 weeks away. it also means i’m leaving utah in 6 weeks. i’m freaking out just a little 

// of all the things i found on the internet this week. this. this is absolutely the best dressed little one i have ever seen. a must look here

// currently watching ‘mamma mia’ with my roommates after a bowl or two of yummy homemade chicken dumpling soup. perfection

// life should be a musical

// my eyes are a lot browner than i thought

 ;imionfev yldkpvs[ csjf809 o[py;ui <—— my roommate just came and did that. i’m leaving it here

// remember that time when i said i wanted to write a book? a title and storyline just came to mind…strangely after watching mamma mia. i think i’ll start



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