zero to hero: 30 days to a better blog

2014, Januray


day 1: introduce yourself

hi. i’m mariama and i’m a blogger.


or so i’d like to think.

i’m 28, born in sierra leone, raised in the UK and now living in the US of A.

if you’re new to cupcake mascara then this is for you! or if you’ve been following for some time then i guess this is a “let’s touch base again” kind of post.

i’m following the wordpress blogging adventure for 2014 “zero to hero: 30 days to a better blog”. i started this blog back in february 2013 {almost a year ago eeek!} and i have slacked somewhat over the last few months, mostly due to my lack of motivation. which is crazy talk because i love blogging. so i thought this was a fun way to get back into it.

i liked the questions posed for the first post…so here are my answers!


why are you blogging, rather than keeping a personal journal?

here’s the thing.

i do both.

but the reasons this blog isn’t a personal journal are

a) i want to write more about my hobbies and interests, and things i’m into, hoping to inspire/encourage/motivate readers

b) my friends and family at home wanted to keep up with my US adventures

c) to be honest i don’t want to share all my secrets get too personal on the internet – you can’t ever really take it back.

what topics do you think you’ll write about?

my life in general. fashion.  beauty. bargain finds. love. travel. photography {more of that to come}. interviews, interviews, interviews – i love finding out why people do what they do, what makes them tick. basically, this is a lifestyle blog.

who would you love to connect with via your blog?

other like-minded bloggers. but honestly? i would love {and i mean this with every fiber in my being} to connect with natasha from love taza and meg from megfee. not only are they my all-time favorite lifestyle bloggers but they have inspired me in many other ways on and off-{the computer}-screen.

if you blog successfully throughout 2014, what would you hope to have accomplished?

to have become a little more eloquent. to have made a difference…somehow. and to have connected with different people from the blogging community.

find out more about this 30-day challenge here.



2 thoughts on “zero to hero: 30 days to a better blog

  1. Your blog is just a little too girly for me, but I will check it out from time to time just to see what girls think….it’s important to know what and how people think if your going to try and change their minds and their way of life…..hope you will take a minute to look at my blog, it’s a little different from yours, but yours seems to make you happy, and a person who is happy is a glorious gift to the world…too bad more people aren’t as happy as you……LRGII

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