merry christmas!

2013, December

it’s 7:49am on Christmas eve and i’m just about to leave for work. having been up since 6am to prepare food for our Christmas breakfast/brunch at work i’m actually feeling quite lively!

i wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas. wherever you are, and whoever you are celebrating it with enjoy. make the most of it. be kind. love. be happy!

photo 3

Christmas traditions. don’t you just love them? they are unique to this time of year. i grew up in a Mormon/Muslim home but both of my parents made sure us kids understood the meaning of Christmas. my dad joined in on Christmas eve when we got to open up a small present from under the tree, then watched a Christmas movie.  he joined in on Christmas morning when we would read from Luke 2 {i remember at a young age just being all “i know, i know…i just want to open up the presents!”} and as i’ve gotten older i’ve appreciated this experience so much more. after presents are opened it’s breakfast time and we have a fantastic english brekkie which includes bacon, sausage, egg, baked beans {of the heinz kind}, toast, hot cocoa or herbal tea. we eat and eat till our hearts are content and till our stomachs beg for no more. bless my dad, he’s Muslim so doesn’t eat pork but will join us at the table and eat his porkless english breakfast anyhow {all the while giving us slightly gobsmacked looks that we would even eat such a thing…literally every year}.

after breakfast mum and i would go into the kitchen to finish off cooking Christmas dinner while my brother and dad clean up the wrapping paper and set the table. they may also fall asleep during this time as it always takes us forever to finish cooking. by 4/5pm it’s dinner time. Christmas crackers on the table {they are awesome things you pull apart and whoever gets the larger end gets the Christmas hat, gets to read the joke and keep whatever prize it contains}.

then we feast! we are originally  from sierra leone so we mix traditional sierra leonean dishes with english ones. i’m talking about turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, roast pork and apple sauce {so yummy}, veggies {we stopped eating brussels sprouts a while back}, pigs in blankets, gravy, joloff rice and stew, roast beef, salone salad, fried crab in breadcrumbs, fried fish. there’s probably more that i’m forgetting.

this amount of food obviously induces a food coma so after we have eaten {no one clears the food off the table, we all know we’re coming back}, we head to the living room to watch endless hours of movies and Christmas specials.

i just love it.

i asked friends on facebook to share their Christmas traditions. i loved reading each and every one. the running theme? family.

Every year with the extended family we do a white elephant gift exchange and every year is a different theme. Two years ago it was home decor with a limit of $5…. You can only imagine what we had. And this year is as seen on tv. It’s so fun and it’s always interesting to see what people come up with.
Katie, Utah

My family watching the lakers game.
Rudy, Utah/Georgia/Detroit

Christmas eve my girls have an early bath then open a Christmas present that will be christmasy pyjamas,  we then watch poler express, after we read twas the night before Christmas, then the girls will set out the mince pies and milk, and one of them will put the Santa key by the door.
Kerry, UK

We stay up Christmas Eve and celebrate – food, music. opening  gifts at midnight – the next day we go to grandmas we eat Guatemalan tamales breakfast and lunch !
Randy, Utah/California

We always have breakfast pizza and cream cheese muffins. Like most family’s, we ALWAYS record the descent down the stairs.
Evan, North Carolina

Reading the book  A Christmas Carol or watching the film Scrooge every December. Also, set a challenge re gifts; one year it was to give a gift that money can’t buy so I gave blood at a transfusion centre (for which we are not paid) and did some temple sealing work. Another year I’ve done an anonymous 12 days of Christmas.  This year I did 12 deeds of Christmas.
Sarah, UK

Family party with extended family. We sing – ending in Silent Night in English and German. We all recite Twas the Night Before Christmas and then Grandpa reads from Luke 2. After that, we all get to open one gift – it’s always pajamas. Everyone – aunts, uncles, mom’s dad’s, kids and guests – throw on their new pj’s, half the time on over or regular clothes. It’s wonderfully chaotic and an altogether glorious mess of children, wrapping paper and cousins wearing boxer shorts Superman-style.
Casey, Utah

Christmas eve = carols & a curry.
Kimberley, Australia/UK

We open one present,  (kids usually the fluffy pj’s), then sit in our duvets and watch a dvd surrounded with yummies.
Jill, UK

Candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve, raspberries saved from the summer for use in dessert, a surprise box of breakfast foods left on someone’s doorstep, and always – homemade gifts for each other.
Kristen, Utah

Christmas eve get the kids to bed, put the prezzies round the tree, get the stockings for santa to fill get up. Then Christmas day open prezzies, watch a bit of Christmas telly till 4 then off to mum’s for Christmas dinner with the family.
Ruth, UK

Watch the 1984 (or 83?) version of A Christmas Carol. Best one ever!
Derek, Califronia

what are yours?

i hope you enjoyed that as much as i did. wishing you all a very merry Christmas!



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