life lately.

2013, December

i can’t quite believe it’s almost Christmas…where did december go? life has been a little crazy to say the least. good and bad.

remember that post where i said i would tell you what’s been going on in my life? or at least why i was awol for a few weeks? {not that my blogging has improved much since then…}

well i guess the biggest news is… this girl is moving back to england in march! {i don’t know why i’m referring to myself in third person but just go with it}. **say whaaat** i know, i know. i was planning on staying stateside for a little longer but things work out a certain way and you have to roll with it. not that i’m too devastated. i mean i get to go home. do you know what that sounds like when it’s two nights from christmas and i am nowhere near the shores of the great british isles? pretty. bloomin. fantastic.

what does that have to do with blogging i hear you ask? yes i can hear you. well, i read the paragraph back and asked myself what that had to do with blogging so i assume you’re asking the same question.

 i digress.

i don’t know about you, or anyone else for that matter, but when i’m making a big decision or a pretty big life changing event is about to take place, i turn into a recluse. or at least i don’t really want to socialize. this also happens when i’ve had a few boy issues {which has also happened recently but alas i choose not to share my dating life on here}. so i needed a breather. to step away from social media and just be quiet. because i feel with the constant twiterring, blogging, texting, facebooking, snapchatting … you get the jist, it all becomes quite noisy.  i have yet to take a proper social media break…when you have friends who live on different continents it’s hard not to. which also leads me to ask, is it too much to ask to have all my favorite people and places on one continent? i don’t think so!

it actually worked out cheaper for me to stop over in new york before heading back to london, rather than flying straight from salt lake city. so i thought ‘why not?’ i have friends i’m staying with and other friends who live in nyc and d.c.  i am so excited! i’ve been to d.c. before {for about 2 hours} but never to new york! if you have been what would you recommend? i am planning on taking a day just to walk around and take everything in.

in other news, i’m moving from my apartment to live with friends in taylorsville. i have just a little over a week to sell almost everything i own. i shall be spending a lot of time on ksl and craigslist i can tell you that much.

i emailed one of my married friends about me moving back and how excited i was to see them {one of those rare instances where i was friends with both of them separately before they even started dating!} and this is by far the best response yet. i just had to share:

that’s great news!! we’ve had just about enough of you living as the prodigal daughter, we’re glad you’ve come to your senses and you’re returning to claim your birthright in the land that flows with fresh, hormone-free milk and fsa approved, minimum 80% honey, where good old fashioned porridge oats and shreddies really do have no added sugar and you can gorge yourself on tesco’s finest at no real cost cos in return you get 1p for every £ you spend and every little helps, where you’re in good company hating on ‘the yanks’ and panicking over the inevitable EU takeover with the best of them and you can look forward to your state pension in ummm…not sure anymore cos they keep pushing it back so probably not till our 80s or funerals, whichever comes first. welcome back!

you might only get some of those references if you’re british or have lived in the uk or possibly obsessed with british culture. either way it made me laugh out loud and of course no offense is meant by it!

 i do love Christmas and my heart aches a lot just a little because i’m not home this year. first time ever {i don’t count my mission, that was different}. but at least i can skype/facetime/call them on the day. anyway this year i made my first ginger bread house {where have i been?} and was especially fun because i got to be with my old colleagues from the lds business college library.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 1

photo 2

i do love Christmas!



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