food truck thursday

2013, December

every now and then i get to have lunch with my awesome friend whitney. lunch dates with girlfriends are my favorite (although even more fun when you have no time limit), and lunch with whitney is no exception.

last thursday we decided to venture out in the freezing finger-numbing cold weather and try out food truck thursday. if you work downtown salt lake and have never tried it, i highly recommend it! (and i don’t even get paid to say that).

behind the k2 news building off main street, every thursday, you’ll find 4 food trucks; bbq sandwiches, healthy stuff (couldn’t quite work out exactly what they were selling), korean and i think the other truck was chinese…i might be lying.


Food Truck

anyway as we got closer we were approached by a young woman who asked us if we would like to sample some new products. why not right? well we got to truck and were given a spiel about this “stuff” (it was actually called that). when we asked what it did/what it was for the guy gave us a vague “it’s good for you” response. we were given a business card and walked away thinking “what the?” only to be approached by a different young woman 30 seconds later to say it was a fake truck and an experiment into seeing how people buy into “stuff”. then we noticed the camera crews and were asked if we would sign a form to say “yes show our mugs on tv”.

it was actually pretty exciting.

photo 3

anyway after a few minutes (literally because standing out in the cold was way too painful), we decided to go for the korean bbq. and my oh my, i’ve been trying  not to say it but i’m going to anyway…my taste buds had a PARRTAYY. with strobe lights and everything.

Actually Whitney

photo 2

photo 1

for $9.00? not too shabby at all.



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