brothers {day 9}

2013, November


blood and not, i’m grateful for these guys in my life. some i’ve known for 10+ years, others just a couple. some i speak to regularly, others just on occasion. 

they always know what to say. you know, in that brotherly/man way. and it’s usually what i  need to hear.

they give the best bear hugs.

when i cry they might awkwardly put an arm around me and ask me how they can fix it. they can’t but it gives me comfort that they want to.

they take teasing to another level.

when i’ve had boy trouble i usually get the “where does he live?” response. i. just. love. that.

i don’t have a picture of all my “brothers” but here are just a few from over the years.


photo (2)






and of course my brother from the same mother. this world would not be the same without him.





2 thoughts on “brothers {day 9}

  1. It’s so important to have strong male relationships in life! I have been blessed with many over the years too, but your post reminded me that I should reach out to the handful that I haven’t talked to in awhile. I can tell from the pictures that your’s make you so happy, and that is beautiful!

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