korinne and kristen {day 7}

2013, November

i have many, many wonderful people in my life. these are just two of them.

they are the type of friends i can show up to their house without any shoes on or just in my pjs and they don’t even bat an eye lid.

Me and Korinne

How do you want us to pay

i have a toothbrush at their house in case i want to randomly stay over {which has happened a few times when i’ve stayed late talking/hogging their computer/watching youtube videos}.

their pup millie is my favorite.


i like to claim i’m their sister who is addicted to the tanning booth.


they have helped me through some incredibly tough days without even knowing.

they inspire me creatively, especially when it comes to thrift shopping/diying. {one day i’ll get korinne to start a blog. one day}.

dinner parties at their house {usually the three of us}/concerts/movie nights/matinee movie trips/eating out/road trips with these two are the best.



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