blogging {day 5}


i started blogging for business but gradually moved into using it as a more personal/creative space.


whenever i’m upset or irritated, the first thing i want to do it write. not necessarily angry words. but the need to put pen to paper {so to speak} is pretty strong.  i don’t know where this urge comes from but sometimes they end up as blog posts, and sometimes i want to delete them for fear of expressing too much. but i stop to think that even if it has helped just one person today it is worth it.

mostly i blog because it’s fun, and i feel that sharing my thoughts and feelings on this little space of mine is slightly less in-your-face than other forms of social media {but that might just me}.

i stumbled on this quote recently:
“i don’t want to go viral, i want to set hearts on fire.” 
―     Coco J. Ginger



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